How to upgrade / downgrade my minecraft server?

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Need more RAM, or have too much? This is the article for you. It will guide you through how to upgrade or downgrade your server, you can even change how many months you pay per invoice.

Upgrade / Downgrade your Minecraft server.

  1. First, go to your Products & Services page [HERE], login into your DBM Hosting account if you already haven’t.
  2. Locate the server you want to upgrade, and click on it.
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    NOTE: Click on the bar, NOT the IP.
  3. Under the “Manage Products” section, click on “Upgrade”.
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  4. In the “New Configuration” section, locate the server plan you want to get, NOT how much you want to upgrade.
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  5. Select the billing cycle, and click on “Choose Product”.
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  6. Make sure all the details are correct, and click on Click to “Click to Continue” the upgrade and pay your upgrade.
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  7. Sit back and relax, our automated system will automatically upgrade your server as soon as payment has been received.
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