How to enable two-step authentication.

How to enable two-step authentication?

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When you purchase your server, you will get your TcAdmin information sent to your email, but sometimes being extra safe is better, so this article will guide you through of how to make a two-step authentication.

Follow these steps :

  1.  First, login to your TcAdmin control panel.
  2.  After you get sent to a new web page, you will see at the left side of the screen a category called “Account information”, under the category you will see  “Account security”, click on it.
  3.  After clicking on “Account security”, you will be sent to a new page which will give you the options change your TcAdmin Password.
  4.  Above the “Change Password”, button you will see two categories first “Change Password”, “Two-step Verification” click on the “Two-step Verification”.
  5.  After clicking on “Two-step Verification”, category you will see  a check box  next to it is “Enable two-step verification”, click on the box.
  6.  After Checking the box, you will be guided through the multiple ways to enable two-step authentication and make sure that your account is safe.
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